The ARG Team

ARG has assembled a team of professionals that are committed to improving our customer’s business, the user’s experience, and the employees that work alongside all of us.  We have a broad range of experience and a diverse set of unique talents that helps accomplish our goals.  We are committed to making our communities, our environment, and work places a better (and more fun) place to  live and work.







Tom Bushell is President/CEO of ARG, inc. He has an extensive background in the lending, finance and management arenas. He has worked as a CFO and CEO at a number of companies throughout his career.

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Arni Swenson received his accounting degree from the University of Utah before working in public accounting for six years, where he became a proficient auditor and tax expert.

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Rich Fankhauser brings a comprehensive background in accounting, finance, operations, management, and strategy from CFO and other C-level capacities at several companies.

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Peter de Jonge, a registered patent attorney, is licensed to practice in the State of Utah and is a senior partner at the law firm of Thorpe North and Western in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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David Spafford is a founding investor of ARG, and has served as a member of our Board of Directors since inception. David was a co-founder, director and senior executive officer of Megahertz Corporation.

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